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Grow with Jo Tuition
Summer Sessions 2023

Summer Sessions 2023 are LIVE!

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Why book Summer tuition?

It's SUMMER! Time to play, lay in, go out, eat ice cream...

Which is all well and good - fantastic even!

Except that, for many children, the 6 week summer holiday can hold a lot of tension and anxiety just beneath the surface, bubbling in the background whilst enjoying those weeks away or days out.

Whether these feelings of uncertainty stem from thoughts about a new teacher, different classmates or the step-up in workload in the new year and ever rising academic expectations, avoiding the issue won't make it go away. Even to this day, aged (ahem...) I still remember well that underlying worry throughout the summer with the new term looming.

Summer Sessions at Grow with Jo Tuition offer the perfect way to continue that link with learning alongside the much needed downtime of the holidays - keeping their hand in, retaining the familiarity of the skills they have been working on throughout the previous year and building upon those skills ready to give them a flying start come September, both in their learning and their confidence.

How do Summer Sessions work?

Grow with Jo Tuition Summer Sessions are aimed at supporting and challenging children in their learning throughout the Summer break, in a flexible way that fits with you and your family. 


Sessions will be held during the four weeks in August on Thursdays and Fridays and are aimed at children aged approximately 6 to 12.

Lasting 55 minutes and held online via Zoom, these sessions


Summer Sessions aim to:

  • Bridge the Summer gap - help to prevent regression over the 6 week Summer break, reinforcing prior learning and progressing further.

  • Build confidence and alleviate anxiety - help children enjoy their holiday and look forward to the start of term by reminding them that they *are* capable, they *haven't* forgotten everything they've learned and they *are* ready for the new school year and everything it has in store for them!

  • Offer a positive, fun approach to learning - engaging children as active learners, challenging them through interactive games and activities.

  • Focus on key skills - working primarily on the skills in the KS2 Curriculum that they will use and apply most often in their learning.

  • Provide excellent value through small group sizes - all the benefits of learning in a group dynamic, whilst tailoring learning to individual needs.

  • Fit in with your holiday plans - these standalone sessions do not rely on children attending all lessons in order to benefit, and each Thursday session is repeated on the Friday of the same week.

  • Offer flexibility in booking - with Pick'n'Mix discounted booking you can choose a mix of any subjects, dates and times and even book with other families to save together. Bookings for other subjects, dates and times are also possible by arrangement, please just ask!

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Summer Sessions and Home Ed

Are you Home Educating? So are we!

As a home educating parent of 12 years myself and a fully qualified Primary teacher for over 20 years, I am in a unique position to have a deep understanding and extensive first hand experience of both Home Ed and the Primary Curriculum.

I have extensive training and experience in pedagogy and the Key Stage 2 Curriculum as well as safeguarding and am fully DBS checked.

Perfect for Home Educating families considering tuition from September onwards, these sessions will provide and ideal opportunity for your child to get to know me and vice versa, enabling us to establish whether we are a good fit and that Grow with Jo Tuition aligns with your values.


Tuition from September will be offered on Thursday and Friday daytimes and evenings. Please get in touch to enquire further.

Summer Sessions Timetable

The timetable below will be available for all four weeks in August:

Week 1 - Thursday 3rd & Friday 4th August 

Week 2 - Thursday 10th & Friday 11th August

Week 3 - Thursday 17th & Friday 18th August

Week 4 - Thursday 24th & Friday 25th August

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I understand that children are between year groups during the Summer holidays. Age ranges are a guide only and group numbers are small to ensure that individual needs are catered for.

If you feel that your child would benefit from either greater challenge or more support, please feel free to book them onto a different age group session.

If you are unsure which age group session would be best for them, please get in touch and we can decide together what the best fit will be.

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Pricing and Booking

Please get in touch with any questions and to book.

Summer Sessions are £20 each when booked individually.

With Pick'n'Mix however, you'll get any 4 sessions across any 4 subjects for £70.

Just let me know which sessions you would like to book on which days/times and I will take care of the rest.

How does Pick'n'Mix work?

Each set of 4 sessions will be £70. You can book multiple sets of 4.

Any additional sessions booked individually will then be £20 each, eg 10 sessions would be 4 + 4 + 2 (£70 + £70 + £20 + £20)


All Summer Sessions are standalone lessons and can be taken in isolation, for example if you would like to book Maths sessions for your child but can only make Weeks 1, 3 and 4 that will work perfectly well.

Joint Bookings:

You can even make Pick'n'Mix work across families!

Just get together and decide which sessions you'd like to book, then let me know. As long as payment is made as one transaction, you are welcome to include children from different families.


Pick'n'Mix Examples:

  • You'd like to book all four weeks of Y5/6 Maths.

  • You're only available in Weeks 2 and 3 and you have two children, so you'd like to book Y3/4 English and Y5/6 English for both those weeks 

  • You have a child moving up into Year 3 who would benefit from a confidence boost in Maths and who is unsure about starting to learn French, you're away in Week 1 so you book Weeks 2, 3 and 4 Maths and one French session.

  • You have two children and you'd like to book them both onto the same Philosophy session plus an English session each.

  • Any other combination you can think of!

Alternative subjects/dates:

If you would like to get a group of 2 or more together for a session and you don't see a subject (including subjects other than English, Maths, French and Philosophy - I can cover any KS2 curriculum subject), day or time on the timetable that works for you, please just get in touch to ask. My aim is to support children with their Summer learning, so I will accommodate any requests if I can! 

Thanks for getting in touch!

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Please get in touch either via the contact form, email, phone, text, Facebook messenger or Instagram - I am very reachable!

I am also very responsive, so if you haven't received a reply within a day or so please do resend or try a different method of communication, as we all know with the best will in the world some emails will end up in the "junk" folder or messenger notifications not pop up. It is possible that for some reason your message may not have reached me, or my reply may not have reached you.

Please be assured that I will always endeavour to respond promptly to any communications I receive.
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